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Kristian Aloma, PhD
Founder & CEO
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We approach branding like psychologists, and we treat our clients like human beings.

Brands are about relationships. And relationships are complicated. So we bring together narrative psychology, behavioral economics, and consumer psychology to help you build the best relationship possible with your audience. Consider it couples therapy for your business.

And we care about our relationship with you, too. Our collaboration on every project is as informative to the project as it is fun for us. Because behind the science, we think it helps to smile.

We are committed to creating a better world through branding and design.

Brands become part of people’s lives in rich and meaningful ways. This makes the act of branding both an honor and a responsibility. We use what we’ve learned from psychology, behavioral economics, and the rest of the social sciences to help our clients build brands that align with their customers’ values and that people are proud to support.