Company Information
Porte de l’Arenas, Hall C – CS 13326 - 455 promenade des Anglais, Nice Cedex 3, 06200 France
Phone Number: +33 6 13 26 48 01
Contact 1
Cedric Degraeuwe
Contact 2
Dino Lista
Managing Partner, Europe
Contact 3
Caroline Keravel
Managing Partner
Contact 4
Brandy Lau
Managing Partner, Asia
More about us

We are an independent fieldwork provider specializing in qualitative market research for the healthcare industry.

With our permanent staff in 12 countries (USA, France, UK, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and India) and our team of over 300 freelancers/local partners in 40+ countries, we offer global solutions to all qualitative fieldwork needs.

We are experts in healthcare, qualitative research, and fieldwork management.