Company Information
Siemensstrasse 57-59, Münster, 45153 Germany
Phone Number: +4925196289818
Contact 1
Markus Albrecht
Managing Director
Contact 2
Christoph Rogl
Managing Director
Contact 3
Gordana Skegro
Client Service
Contact 4
Tanja Hohoff
Director International Field Research
More about us

Krämer Marktforschung GmbH with its international brand Cido, ISO 20252 certified, is one of the leading European data collection institutes in quantitative market research since 1986.
We implement all relevant survey methods for your b2c and b2b surveys with our own German interviewer field for CAPI in home, mall intercepts, PoS, mystery shoppings and product tests to meet your customer´s requirements.
Thanks to our international operating phone center with 180 CATI stations for Europe and further Cido Research facilities in Asia and Canada we cover large CATI surveys in nearly all countries throughout the world.
With our professional recruiting staff we are able to reach your respondents for almost all requested screening criteria for b2b as well as for b2c. Our team of experienced moderators and interviewers guarantee a smooth project flow for group discussions or one-to-one interviews either in our full equipped studio facilities in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Muenster and Munich or even in external locations.
Krämer and Cido – The most trusted partner in MR data collection.