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Sandgasse 12, Lauf near Nuremberg, 91207 Germany
Phone Number: +49 9123 9981 330
Contact 1
Alexander Rummel
Managing Director
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Dagmar Ritter
Research Director
Contact 3
Andreas Erkens, PhD
Senior Partner
Contact 4
Uwe Freisens
Senior Partner
More about us

Strategy driven Market Research - Data driven Consulting
Aurum Research offers pharmaceutical companies market research studies for healthcare products in various indications, covering the whole product lifecycle.

We offer a complete service ranging from study design to fieldwork and presentation of results. Our aim is to provide our clients with a reliable base for decision making in marketing and sales. Internationally and for the German domestic market, we employ the complete range of methodologies used in pharmaceutical market research:
Qualitative research to acquire in-depth insight into a therapy area or target group
Quantitative projects with large sample sizes, necessary for your market potential assessments, pricing or KPI tracking.

Based in Nuremberg and Berlin, Aurum collaborates worldwide with dedicated experts in their respective areas, thereby ensuring that the optimal set of resources is used for your project.

Nearly all regions across the world are within our scope: Western, Eastern, Southern Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Latin America; and Australia.

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