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Ottergemsesteenweg-Zuid 808 bus B 332, Gent, 9000 Belgium
Phone Number: +49 152 091 344 98
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David Ziedman
Head of Accounts
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Fonny Schenck
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Jan Keuppens
Head of Marketing
More about us

We develop, execute and measure pragmatic, evidence-based omnichannel customer engagement strategies and companywide digital innovation and transformation programmes that unlock growth opportunities and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Across Health is unlike other strategy consulting firms:

Focused: Our combined 700 years of professional experience and 200+ years of Across Health expertise is focused on solving one key question: how can I leverage digital at scale in my go-to-market model to successfully address the challenges and opportunities of a fast-evolving healthcare ecosystem - and what are the organizational implications?

Experienced: Our consultants have on average 8+ years of industry experience and have worked for leading biopharmaceutical companies or digital leaders, allowing them to hit the ground running without wasting your precious time and money - by not asking basic questions or recommending ill-fated solutions.

Accessible: You have direct access to our leaders and experts with 20+ years of biopharmaceutical industry and consulting experience, who have walked in your shoes and know the obstacles to overcome for a successful strategy execution in the complex healthcare sector.

Agile: Our size allows us to move fast and respond quickly to avoid the common pitfalls that tend to make projects take longer and cost more than you originally planned.

Pragmatic: We focus on pragmatic, implementable solutions rather than framing theoretical concepts that often disappear in the drawer after the project is done.

Holistic: We offer end to end solutions (Insight, Innovation Strategy, Intelligent Execution, Impact Measurement) that are based on a unique data foundation (>30m datapoints) to allow evidence-based strategy design and -execution for superior results.